For the busy health-conscious individual looking to boost their immunity, get past health issues, lose 10-25 pandemic pounds, lose inches off their waistline, seriously increase their energy, and enjoy mental clarity and focus.

  • Who Is This Program For?

    For the health-conscious individual who is ready to prioritize their health, food, sleep, energy,

    and self-care. Forget trendy options and fad diets, get off the hamster wheel of trial and error

    to real long-lasting tangible results to radiant health.

    Go from feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen to ease, flow and confidence

    No more yo-yo dieting, your dieting days are over, seriously! 

    Experience FOOD as MEDICINE!
    Leave with a concrete plan for your healthy, radiant lifestyle

    You'll find the peace and calm in your well-nourished body. Sleep like a baby!

    Look and feel FABULOUS from the inside out. LOVE what you see in the mirror!

  • What Does It Include?

    Private Coaching:

    • 8 customized zoom sessions x 1.5 hours at a time convenient for you


    • Curated Private Health & Nutrition Coaching with Live Culinary Demonstrations using Food as Medicine!


    • 2 Guided Cleanses for you (One week RESET Cleanse & a deeper two week Cleanse to keep you on track)


    • 3 Custom Recipe ebooks for your Healthy Lifestyle. 100+ quick, easy & off-the-charts delicious Cooked & Raw Recipes


    • 3 x 30 min personal check-in calls


    • Tracking Progress

    • Shopping List, Resources & More

    • Balanced Menu Plan to take into your Lifestyle for your health goals, disease prevention, anti-aging & radiant health


    • Finding your Ideal Raw to Cooked Balance to make you THRIVE!


    • Recordings for all our sessions

  • Learn To Prepare

    Quick & Easy, Nourishing, Nutrient-Dense Meals







  • Customized Program Designed

    Just For Your Health Goals

    90 Day Program


    WEEK 1

    Orientation Meeting to prepare for your successful 3-month wellness journey together. What to have in place and healthy routines to energize your days and get the best results on the program. Setting your bodacious health goals and intentions.



    WEEK 2

    Stocking your Kitchen & Pantry for a successful Cleanse. Preparing the body for a successful Cleanse.


    WEEK 3-4

    Guided customized Cleanse to release toxins from the body, feel energized, up-level nutrition, and health.


    WEEK 5

    Successfully transitioning off the Cleanse into a Healthy Lifestyle.


    WEEK 6-7

    Dig deeper into your heritage and weaving in foods that you LOVE and learning new delightful, delicious recipes that you would absolutely enjoy and support your health goals. Learning how to balance eating out with everyday life.


    WEEK 8-10

    Finding your magical balance of Cooked to Raw to make you Thrive! Learning the Art of Flavor Balancing. Guided customized Reset Cleanse to keep you on track.


    WEEK 11-12

    Creating your customized Balanced Menu Plan to take into your Lifestyle for your health goal, disease prevention, anti-aging & radiant health.

  • Meet Sunita

    The Woman Behind The Raw Food Center

    Hi, I'm Sunita Vira, a gourmet raw food chef, nutrition coach, a published author, retreat leader, artist and a mother of three. My goal is to make our healthy lifestyle journey together appealing, delicious, manageable, and FUN. I share ancient wisdom with a modern twist. I have been working with FOOD as MEDICINE for the past two decades. You will learn to make off the charts delicious food that will nourish your body, mind and spirit!


    I grew up on a tea plantation in Darjeeling, India. I was surrounded by fresh air and farm-to-table ingredients before it was a thing! As a young woman, I seriously considered going into medical research. I wanted to come up with cures for diseases and be of service. However, I wasn't impressed by the pharmaceutical industry.


    Fast forward to Sunita, a mother of two (our third would come later), eating the standard American diet and suffering from low energy, poor vision, brain-fog, thinning hair and baby weight that wouldn't go away with an expanding waistline. I was living in California running a wed-design firm. My first client, a dear friend now, introduced me to raw food through a group of 80-year-old men she worked with. They were more active and energized than men half their age! They had the brightest and whitest eyes I gad seen in a long time, they were nimble and joyous – all due to eating a raw food lifestyle. I thought, if I could have a quarter their energy, imagine what I could do!


    So I started adding something raw to every meal, I was hooked and experienced near-immediate results: my vision improved, I no longer need my thick glasses to see, my hair got thicker, my energy went up, I lost the baby weight and I experienced mental clarity! What was impossible before in my life started becoming possible. That was 20 years ago. Since then my family and I have made a 180 degree change. Our energies are consistently high, and we hardly every get sick. I realized if my family could experience such amazing benefits, probably everyone could. It was then that I understood that FOOD was the way I could impact people's lives for the better. I change my medium from art and design to FOOD!


    In 2010, I founded the Raw Food Center, in Singapore with the goal to Help people make healthy eating into their lifestyle for vibrant health. In 2014, I moved back to Chicago and expanded the Center.


    As a chef and a nutrition coach, I have a passion for getting you comfortable in the kitchen and sharing recipes and knowledge I’ve gained from a lifetime of learning, traveling, studying different cultures and experimenting with foods.

    As a mother, I take my inspiration from my children and I will guide those of you struggling with how to plan and prepare healthy food for yourself and your family.

    As a global traveler and a woman of Indian heritage, I offer you the world in terms of cuisine, flavors, spices, preparations, and techniques.

    As a healer, I approach food with respect and embrace raw (or nearly-raw), living, plant-based foods, and methods that result in increased energy, enhanced immunity and disease prevention, effective weight management, clearer eyesight, glowing skin, thicker hair, better sleep, improved metabolism and fertility, deceleration of the aging process, and relief from depression. 

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